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My name is Gary Cooper and I've been successfully running and maintaining my own aquaponics system in my own backyard for over last 20 years. In that time, I've gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience about Home Aquaponics Systems.

As a Backyard Aquaponics enthusiast, there is nothing more exciting than to see other folks that are enjoying the fresh organic food that is produced and picked straight out of their own backyard. You will never have to worry about food expense by using your own self sustaining home Aquaponics system.

I'd like to share my knowledge and experience with you, FREE of charge.

Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about Aquaponics, or signup for my 12-part aquaponics email course below, where you'll receive one lesson per day in your email box for free.

In my FREE Minicourse, You'll Learn:

1 What is Aquaponics and how does it work
1 The importance of tanks and containers and how to choose the right one
1 Tips for setting up a quality system that can provide healthy living and breeding environment for your edible fish and vegetables
1 How to decide on which Aquaponics system is more suitable for your home enviroment
1 A step-by-step guide to maintaining perfect water conditions in your tank. This is the most important part of keeping your Fish healthy and Producing more Vegetables!
1 A Critical Guide That Shows you about How to setup a Flow system to ensure that water is continually purified so that aquaponic plants are being nourished and oxygenated
1 The 3 Most Essential Components of an Aquaponics System
1 A Simple system that can save you tons of money with super easy to setup
1 List of Most Easy to grow Fish that can withstand high population density that is most suited for Aquaponics Systems
1 Much, much more!

Learn Essential Steps That You Need to Know About How To Setup Your Own Aquaponics In Your Backyard That Produces Abundance Of Food That Brings Joy to Your Life For Years to Come!

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